Amazon Mobile Exchange Offer {100% USEFUL TRICKS}

our today’s topic is how we can do Amazon Mobile Exchange Offer.

In today’s life if mobiles phones are not there then it seems that life has stopped.In today’s time every human being needs mobile phones.We buy expensive phones but when an updated phone arrives in the market from that phone So we get stuck.But now there is no need to be found beacuse exchange offers has arrived.From this, we can order the phone in the exchange offer.

At first we will talk about What is exchange offer in mobile phones

Mobile exchange offers are like any company brings a new phone in the market.
If you have a phone of the same brand or a phone of a different brand,
then they make an offer for the company logo where people call their mythological phone.I can exchange and get some money back and get a new phone. itz very easy to buy phones from exchange offers.

How to buy mobile with exchange offer in amazon

Exchange Offer – Placing an Order
For any product which is a part of the Exchange Offer program, an option to purchase “With Exchange” will be displayed on the product detail page.

To place an order with exchange:
Select the With Exchange option.

To confirm that the product is eligible for exchange at your delivery location, ensure that the pin code entered in the Deliver to field is for the desired location for delivery of the new product (and pickup of the used product).
In the Please select the product for exchange section, follow the instructions provided on the page to enter the details pertaining to the used product that you wish to exchange:
All used products acceptable under the Exchange Offer (corresponding to the selected new product) will be displayed as options.
For used Refrigerators, Washing Machines, ACs, TVs, Laptops and Tablets, you will need to select the type of the product, its physical and working condition, etc. (See the table below for further details).
For used mobile phones, you will need to share the IMEI number, brand name and the model of the device. (See the table below).
Category Input Field 1 Input Field 2 Input Field 3
Mobile Select IMEI Select Brand Select Model
Tablet Select Brand Select Model Select Condition
TV Select Brand Select Type Select Size
Laptop Select Brand Select Processor Select Condition
Washing Machine Select Type Select Physical Condition Select Working Condition
AC Select Type Select Brand Select Working Condition
Refrigerator Select Type Select Physical Condition Select Working Condition
Note: Ensure that you share the correct details of the used product to be exchanged as these details will be validated at the time of delivery of the new product. If the details do not match, delivery of the new product will be suspended and the order will be canceled.

Once you have shared the required details, an “Exchange Offer applied” message will be displayed in green, and the Buy Now with Exchange button will be activated. You will now be able to buy the product at the Exchange Offer price. (The Exchange Offer price will be displayed as the “You Pay” amount on the product detail page.)
Click Buy Now with Exchange to proceed with the purchase at the Exchange Offer price.
Choose your delivery options and payment method, review your order details and click the Place Your Order and Pay button to complete payment and place your Exchange Offer order.
After you successfully place an Exchange Offer order, a confirmation email will be sent to you with details of the order and the applicable terms and conditions.


When buying a product with the Exchange Offer, if you abandon the order placement process or leave it unfinished, you may need to restart from the beginning, as the product will not be saved in your cart.

For Heavy and Bulky category- In order to comply with the Government advisories/directives on social distancing, we now require all customers, exchanging their used product, to keep such product ready at the doorstep for pick-up. This is to ensure that our delivery agents are able to provide contactless pick up service without entering your premise. The delivery of your new product will be completed once our delivery agent picks up your used product at your doorstep.

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