Dig a tunnel in the ground 67000 l. Flammable crude oil theft: Three arrested

AHMEDABAD: The crime branch has nabbed three accused for stealing 67,000 liters of IOC crude oil worth Rs 13.40 lakh by digging a 20-feet deep pit in the IOC pipeline passing through Jetalpur village road.

The crime branch arrested Mohsin Mubarak Rangraj, a resident of MS Duplex at Chandola. Jagdish Babu Prajapati and Ratilal Punja Rawal, residents of Bareja, have been arrested from Ujala Circle. The accused had planned to steal oil from the IOC pipeline in 2019.

According to the details of the incident, IOC officials were informed to check the pipeline on January 29 due to low oil pressure from the IOC control room. In this case, the officers patrolled the area and checked the pipeline twice but no breakdown was found. Officials assigned a company to find a puncture electronic method in the pipeline. The company checked the meter at Anand Bareja CP station. In which a breakdown was found in the line passing in the compound of Shakti Transport and Construction space near Jetalpur village on Kheda Baroda Highway.

No men were present when officers conducted a surprise check at the site in the morning on June 5. Officers were evacuated as the container fell. Two days later, the officers themselves, with the help of the police, went to the spot and investigated and dug a 20 feet deep pit with JCB. In which it was found that an unidentified ISMO punctured the pipeline and installed a valve under the pipeline on the inside and inserted a 2 feet wide pipe in it which was discharged from Jagdish Rice Mill to the adjacent compound.

Punched in this way, the accused were stealing flammable crude oil. Thus the pipeline was found in Merubhai Bharwad’s Shakti Construction compound and the pipe and valve in Bansibhai Kabra’s compound. Indian Oil’s senior operations and maintenance manager lodged a complaint at the Nicole police station on Monday night.

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According to the details revealed in the interrogation of the accused, Jagdish Patel’s place next to Shakti Transport was rented by the accused under the pretext of parking the vehicle. The accused also rented the space in March 2020 under the pretext of vehicle parking and started an oil theft network. The crime branch is investigating whether anyone else is involved in the crime.

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