Jethalal fame Dilip Joshi of ‘Taraq Mehta’ earns such a huge amount in just 25 days!

Dilip Joshi of the popular serial ‘Taraq Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ i.e. Jethalal has been at home for three months i.e. he is also not getting any job as the shooting has been banned. Can you estimate how much damage Dilip Joshi would have suffered in 3 months. According to an estimate, he has lost about 90 lakh rupees. From this, one can estimate the extent to which the actors in the entire TV and film industry have been harmed in the lockdown.

Working about 25 days a month

According to a private website, Jethala gets around Rs 1.50 lakh from the makers of ‘Taraq Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma’ for an episode. For that they work about 25 days a month.

An average of 20 episodes are aired in a month. If Jethalal appears in these 20 episodes, he earns around Rs 30 lakh. That way the show has not had 60 episodes in the past month. It can be said that he could not earn at least 90 lakh rupees.

Direction is not returning to the show just because of the fees

Dilip Joshi is one of the most expensive actors in the team of ‘Taraq Mehka Ka Ulta Chashma’. Similarly, Shailesh Lodha is also paid around Rs 1.50 lakh per episode. Disha Wakani’s return to the serial is also being discussed as she is not returning to the show just because of her fees.

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Because, there is no compromise between the makers and the direction on any amount. So the character of ‘Dayaben’ is far from the show. That being said, if the demand for direction is met, she will become the most expensive performer on the show.

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