Launch of 1 TB pen drive that can be used with a smart phone, find out at just this price

Sandisk, a company owned by Western Digital, has launched 1 Terabyte (1 TB) Ultra Dual Drive Lux, expanding its product lineup. This type C pendrive can be used in smartphones. This pen drive from Sandisk comes with a material body design for protection. The company says that users can no longer transfer data using this pen drive. Sandisk’s pen drive will be available on Amazon from July. In addition, the pen drive will soon be available at other e-tailors and retailers. The 32GB variant of this pen drive is priced at Rs 849 and the 1TB variant is priced at Rs 13,529.

Management Tools will come in Memory Zone App 3

Users will get very fast read speed in this pen drive. The company claims that users will get a read speed of 150 Mbps in this pen drive. This pendrive can be used by users in smartphones, tablets, Mac devices, smart TVs and computers. This pen drive from Sandisk comes with the management tool in Sandisk Memory Zone App 3. Once installed, users can connect and use many different devices. This content can be in phone, microSD card, cloud. In addition, it can back up photos, videos, contacts and social media accounts.

5 options will be available

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This is available in C Type Pendrive 5 storage option. You get it in 32GB, 64GB, 256GB, 512GB storage as well as 1TB storage. “Our customers want new solutions that are easy to use and fit their lifestyle,” said Khalid Wani, Sales Director, Western Digital.

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