This is the most expensive guitar in the world: the price is such that you can buy 2-3 small planes with it!

One of the most expensive things in the world. Everyone is amazed to hear its price. In general, luxury homes and cars cost millions. But just think, if the price of a guitar is in crores! This is truly annoying news. Today we are going to tell you about one such guitar, which will make even the best people dizzy when they hear its price. This is the most expensive guitar in the world. The price is such that, if you wish, you can buy two or three small planes from it.

The guitar belongs to American singer Kurt Cobain

This guitar belongs to American singer and world famous guitarist Kurt Cobain. Cobain died on April 5, 1994. His son recently auctioned the guitar. In which it was sold for around Rs 6 lakh crore i.e. more than Rs 45 crore.

Guitars sold for 45 crore 38 lakhs

The Martin D18E Acoustic Model Guitar had a starting price of લાખ 10 lakh, or Rs 75.6 million. Which came to a standstill at around Rs 45 crore 38 lakh. At the same time it became the most expensive guitar in the world. It was bought by Peter Friedman, owner of the Australian Road Microphone Company.

The video with this guitar is currently on YouTube

About five months before his death, on November 18, Rod Kurt Cobain performed with this guitar in a live TV program. The video of his performance is still on YouTube today. The video has been viewed by over 300 million people so far.

Bought the guitar for five dollars

According to media reports, Kobe bought the Martin D18E acoustic model for પાંચ 5. That being said, this model is the only 302 guitar in the world. Kobe also made a few changes when he bought the guitar.

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Because, he was playing with his left hand. It was because of this change that it became special.

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